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Hello my name is John Cravens. You sent me one of your 1/4 bags and I loved it. I used it on 2 bucks so far and it still looks brand new. It kept my meat clean of debris and flies. It also gave my meat plenty of air circulation for my warm weather hunts. Looking forward to using this bag for years to come. Thank you all at Trophy Gulch for making a quality game bag.


Love the smaller quarter bags in the field. They double in size when you separate the Velcro and they make a fantastic work station for caping, quartering or boning out and animal.


Love my Trophy Gulch game bag! Meat bees don’t stand a chance, lets the meat breath and stay cool in the shade, the material is tough and super easy to clean. You guys make a great product, it’s a life saver every time I have meat hanging.


I got my buck on day one of a 4 day hunt. I was able to keep my harvest clean, keep the wasps and flies off of it and stay out for the remainder of my trip. If it wasn't for Trophy Gulch’s great bags I would've had to cut my hunt in half.


Harvested my buck in the national forest this past season. It wasn't until after my kill that I remembered I was driving my Dodge Durango. My Trophy Gulch bag was a God send. Didn't get a single drop of blood or hair in the trunk of my SUV.


I had the opportunity to use this original, new deer and elk bag of the century.  Finally!  It's one created with the wisdom, knowledge and experience of a true hunter.  The durability of this bag is phenomenal.  No more patching holes giving blow flies and meat bees the opportunity to ruin your precious and "hard" earned meat.  The velcro-lined opening fits properly around any gambrel. This old geezer has been hunting and dragging out blacktail and mule deer, (with a little help from my friends,) for 60+ years.  This "bad ass" bag is the way to go.


Trophy Gulch game bags are the toughest game bags I’ve ever used!! I am an avid big game hunter and meat processor. I have tried all others and believe these could be the last game bags you’ll ever need to buy again. I mentioned they are very tough but my favorite part is how easy they clean with a simple water hose. They dry really quick and back in the truck for the next use.


Can’t say enough about the performance and durability of Trophy Gulch game bags! When it comes to a pre-hunting trip check list it's always top three on my list!!! I don't head up the mountain without it! Thanks Trophy Gulch!


Trophy gulch has eliminated the need to continually buy cheap game bags by making a lifetime game bag that’s easy to use and very easy to clean. Worth every penny.


As of fourth generation hunter, hunting is something that is very important to me and my family. When I spend my hard earned money on hunting gear I demand the best and that is exactly what Trophy Gulch delivers. I love how the bag doubles as a skinning surface allowing you to keep meat clean and out of the dirt when conditions require quartering your animal. Very functional and durable. Trophy Gulch is a great company who is committed to providing their customers with the best product on the market.


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