Trophy Gulch offers a Limited
Lifetime Warranty

  1. Consumer must store and keep in cool dry environment.
  2. Normal wear is expected.
  3. Stitching, hook, and loop warrantied 100% first 5 years. Consumer to mail back to Trophy Gulch at consumer’s expense, Trophy Gulch at its discretion can determine to repair or replace and ship back to consumer at Trophy Gulch expense.
  4. Limited Lifetime Warranty will not cover rips, tears or punctures that are created by forces other than normal use (dragging or abrasions).
  5. Time frame of warranty:

1-5 years: 100%
5-10 years: 50%
10-15 years: 25%
15+ years: 20%

* % = Retail cost to replace, consumer to cover balance of percentage prior to shipping of new product if determined by Trophy Gulch.