Trophy Gulch Game Bag Testimonial – Benjamin Holland

Our fans know we stand behind our products 100%. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our game bags and enjoy sharing stories sent to us by hunters who have experienced our bags hands on.

This testimonial was sent to us by a professional hunter in upstate New York who used our bags on three separate hunts and shared his stories with us. Enjoy!   

Game Bag Testimonial

“On opening the box through my excitement on their arrival they felt… stiff, and bulky.

Being a person of ultra-lightweight, alpine experience, and 7 years of Special Operations experience, I know the importance of weight and space.

Knowing what these bags are for, I packed all four of them in my ruck totaling over 80lbs for an 8.3-mile hike into the Northern Cascades for a late season elk hunt. 6 days on the clock to try and make it happen with my Prime Impact.

Long story short, I was unsuccessful, anyone knowing the northern part of the state of Washington knows hunting western Washington is no easy task.

The one concern I did have was the integrity of the bags from smashing and rolling them up into the small dark corners of my Alice Pack. The stiffness softened as anything would overtime making me even happier with the product, but the integrity of the bags never wavered.

Fast forward to being back home in upstate NY 28 miles from the Canadian Border I was blessed with the opportunity to harvest two whitetails this season. I figured, “hey I’ll see if these whitetails fit in my bags.

From my experience years prior, I know the $4.99 bags from the local sporting goods store are thin, don’t breath well, and if they do, still have problems with flies on the bag due to the mesh opening up too much. So with my deer, I took two of my quarter bags stuck them together and let the venison hang, it was earliest in the season late September so I watched the meat day in and day out, letting it hang and stay dry and cool.

A total of 6 days I watched carefully over my venison, for I do not have a cooler or anything. The bag’s structure not only allowed for maximum protection from the flies and bugs being that it was September but also stayed off the meat. The structure of the bags allowed them to be strong and not droop over the meat to cause inconsistencies in the air flow. For this buck I had my hoist, so no hanging with the grommets.

My other deer I had to quarter her out. So I put my quarter bags to the test again. Not knowing how strong the grommet holes were in the Trophy Gulch bags I hung them up with some ratchet straps and let the venison hang again for 6 days. This time it was November and much cooler in the low 40s, so the flies and bugs were not much of a problem anymore. Allowing my venison to get as much hang time as I could in the bags the Trophy Gulch game bags never even showed a sign of hanging/ drooping from the grommets. Being a person that pays attention to extreme detail I inspected all the grommets on all my bags and they still looked like they came right out of the factory.

A few weeks later I really wanted to put them to the test when my buddy called me up to help pack out a Big Black bear. I grabbed my bags, my ruck, and headed off into the thicket and we deboned and filled our rucks as much as we could possibly carry. With an entire hindquarter still to pack out, (we the make it in one trip men that we are) tied the game bags to our waist with some 550 cord and covered the bags with some tarp my buddy had with him to protect the meat as we started to drag and carry those two bags back to my Silverado. I thought to myself “if these grommets last…man…”

After hang-ups on the thorn bushes, getting wrapped around birch trees and becoming overly frustrated, yanking and pulling on the bags as if we were kids throwing a fit, trying to get the meat back to the truck in one haul! 4 hours later loading up the coolers with the bear forgetting to look at the bags we pulled back into town.

Later that night I remembered about the bags. I grabbed my bags still covered in blood and 550 cord I cut it off and laid them out to clean them off with a hose… inspecting, and expecting to see pulled or stretched material…I was happy, shocked more than anything! Not a single thing happened to the bag! The hook and pile tape were still tight and strong around the bags, the grommets were still perfect minus the scratches from the rocks and trees as I chuckled to myself. They sure are the most durable, strong, and easy to clean game bags to own.  This is one piece of equipment I will have in my bag no matter where I go hunting in the world.

Later this year I plan on filling my bags with some Louisiana bore and maybe next year some of Arizona’s mule deer and elk will fill them as well! Looking forward to many filled Trophy Gulch game bags!”

-Benjamin Holland

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